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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

At the 15 year celebration in November 2018, several young adults were brave enough to share there life testimonies and how much the Mustard Seed Orphanage has meant to their personal development into young adults. Below are two testimonies given by Judith and Peggy.

Judith's Testimony

Johanna and Judith

Good morning everyone! I am Judith. I am very pleased to share my testimony with you all. First of all, I thank God for giving me this opportunity to speak to you, and secondly I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to the board of MSO Myanmar for choosing me to speak in this special occasion of the 15th anniversary of MSO.

I was born in a Christian family in Chin state. My mom died when I was very young. My dad remarried to one lady. I felt so sad that after my mom died I could not find hope, love and happiness in my family. No one could replace my real mom's place. So, I missed my mom all the time in the family. I couldn't go to school because we are very poor. When my life hungered for help I found no one to help me.

One day, a relative arrived at my home. She told me that she knows the orphanage called the Mustard Seed orphanage in Yangon. If you want to go there, I will help you to get to that orphanage she said. I suddenly shout that I will go there. I believed that God really answers my prayer and He knows my cry. I asked my Nana for her permission to go to Mustard Seed as soon as possible. After Nana had discussed with my dad, I and my younger brother Jonathan were allowed to go to Mustard Seed. Thus, we come to live at the Mustard Seed.

I am very a blessed girl because God has brought me here to the Mustard Seed. And when I was praying with tears for a family with love, God let me find the best family for my life that is Mustard Seed Family. I was comforted by Scripture for my assurance of faith in Jesus Christ as my foundational life at the Mustard Seed by Pa Pa Timothy and the staff. I was able to learn nursing course and I did learn how to cook from mom Mawi Te at the Mustard Seed. So, I would say to you all that Mustard Seed is a learning school and home sweet home for me. Therefore when I was working in Singapore I miss my family at Mustard Seed very much. When I was in Singapore, what I have heard and learned at the Mustard Seed is very encouraging and helpful for my life. I do not think that I could forget the Mustard Seed because the Mustard Seed is the starting place of my life. Please, pray more for the Mustard Seed so that more orphans and oppressed like me may be saved at the Mustard Seed. Thank you all.

Judith currently lives in Singapore where she is working as a domestic helper.

Peeki Testimony

Mingalarba! My name is Peggy. I am very excited to share my testimony to you all this morning. I would like to say thank you to Pa Pa (Timothy) for giving me this opportunity to speak to you.

I was born in a Christian family in Chin state. My dad died when I was two or three months, and mom died when I was a baby. I was adopted by an old widow. So even I do not know what my parents look like. I have no brothers and sisters. I do not know any of my relatives in Chin state. When I was three years old, I started to know that I am an orphan. Whenever I played with my friends, I was crying at inside because my friends were happy with their parents but I was not like them. I did not get to eat sometimes when my Nana was sick. I did not have proper cloths to keep my body warm because my Nana (widow) was very poor.

One day, Elsperth had arrived at my place. She told to my Nana about the Mustard Seed orphanage. But my Nana did not agree to send me to the Mustard Seed because she loves me very much. But my friend's parents encouraged Nana to let me go to the Mustard Seed for my future life. Finally, Nana allowed me to go to Mustard Seed. Thus, I come to get at the Mustard Seed when I was four years old.

I felt very happy when I arrived at the Mustard Seed because I did not feel lonely as I have many sisters and brothers at the Mustard Seed. I was very happy when Nu Nu (Mawi Te) gave me some new cloths that I never had before. I was never hungry at the Mustard Seed as the Lord provides for us every day. I am very happy that I can go to school with new uniforms and bag with my friends that I never expect to experience it in my life. Now, the most important thing for my life is that: I know that I am saved in Jesus Christ. I do not need my real parents anymore because the Lord gives me the best parents Pa Pa (Timothy) and Nu Nu (Mawi Te) for me. The teachers at the Mustard Seed care for me for everything I need.

I am very blessed because God has brought me here at the Mustard Seed. If I did not come to the Mustard Seed, I will not be as what I am here today. For me, the Mustard Seed is my family and my home sweet home. Please, pray for my future education. Thank you all for your supports and prayers.

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