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Mustard Seed PROJECTS

Orphaned Children

The Mustard Seed Youth Development Centre in Myanmar provides a safe and caring environment; providing food, housing, access to education, medical care, and spiritual nourishment for hundreds of orphans. Run by a board of volunteers, Mustard Seed Orphanage is a ministry of love and dedication to help those who have been been left destitute in life.  Children who come into the orphanage with serious illnesses such as tuberculosis are placed into a separate facility while they are being treated and are moved into the main orphanage once medically fit.

Many of the children stay with Mustard Seed Orphanage for years and grow up in their care. Many make their own individual and personal commitments to God and thank Him for all He has done for them. Others suffering colds and coughs through to those in need of more serious medical care such as surgery are also cared for.


As the children grow, the orphanage faces the challenge of providing for the next stage of their lives as they transition into adulthood.  This entails working with others to find them suitable employment and providing them with pathways into the working world and also back into the local communities.  Many children have definite talents and gifts from God; Mustard Seed strives to allow the children to pursue these through higher education.



Support for Widows

​Widows in Myanmar do not have many of the same opportunities that men do and there is very little aid or support for them to make a living.  Through Mustard Seed, these women are provided a safe and clean place to live, as well as food and medical care. A ray of hope in a desperate situation is provided to these women who could not otherwise support themselves, 

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