AMSOI Spending Myanmar June 2018 - July 2019

The chart to the left is the breakdown of uses for the money donated to the work of supporting the orphans and disadvantaged children, and widows in Yangon from January 2020 to July 2020.  Mustard Seed Organisation runs through the generosity of supporters who care for the wellbeing of children and widows. 70% of donations are used for feeding, educating, medical care, and clothing the children while the remaining 30% is used for maintaining the orphanage, transportation, and Myanmar staff salary costs. 


Some of the children have excelled in high school and are now attending university through correspondence programs. You can read about this under the AMSOI Myanmar Blog - Support Orphans at uni.  


will feed and cloth a child for a month


will provide schooling for a year for one child

will provide medical care for one of the sick children

will fully support one child for a month

At the Mustard Seed Orphanage in Myanmar there is a full time group of dedicated Burmese staff looking after the children at the orphanage. Your donations will be used to provide for food, clothing, schooling costs, medical care for the children, assist in paying Burmese staff at the orphanage, and provide funds to maintain and run the orphanage.  


All the Mustard Seed Organisation workers in Australia are volunteers, so all money donated to Mustard Seed Organization goes straight to the orphanage providing maximum benefit to the children and widows. There are no administration costs or fees incurred as part of your donation. 

Feed 1 child for a month

Fully support 1 child for a month (Food, clothing, schooling,  medical, room/board costs)

Fully support 1 child for a year

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